About us

Common People Interactive is a digital and interactive production company focused exclusively on the needs of advertising agencies. Founded in Barcelona in 2010, we deliver clients innovative strategies and solutions for building and maintaining links between brands and their followers.

We offer advertising agencies an entire interactive production process, from accompanying the briefing/conceptualisation phase to social media marketing (blogging and community management). With offices in Barcelona and Madrid, CPI is a one-stop shop for the production in all technologies.




“We adapt. We know the internal agency processes and their relation with their customers.”

These are our specialties


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 Magento 2 


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Customers & works


In Common People Interactive we pledge to hide our work to the customer. If you want to receive our portfolio,write us and we will send you a selection of our jobs that we have explicit permission from our clients to show them to other agencies.

“Own production, utmost care at all stages of the process and ongoing research, are the cornerstones of our philosophy.”

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  • Common People Interactive Barcelona
  • (+34) 931 860 029
  • C/ Sant Pere Màrtir, 6, 08012 Barcelona